What Is Multiple Sclerosis? Real Talk from a Person Living with MS


My name is Staci, and now I’m being called the face of MS.

However, theres more to me than the videos I’ve posted.

I was born in hot July in 1990, an only child then and now. I had a fairly normal childhood. When I was 12 my dad was diagnosed with cancer.

Fast forward to 2012, in early October I started having vision problems, and like a countdown by a Sunday night my sight was gone. I thought I had a brain tumor, my parents thought it was ALS; which runs in my family.

After a lot of eye exams, doctors, drawing blood, CT Scans, spinal tap and MRI’s the diagnosis was at a 99.9% of RRMS. I was advised to see a very well known Neuro, and she carved it in stone. I was now a MS patient.

I thought my life was over, and I still couldn’t see. Luckily I had a AMAZING support system, my Father the man who still fought cancer and provided for his family, my Mother the woman who put every need of ours before her own and my best friend Krista who sacrificed her social life to be with me every day for 3 months until the day I got my vision back in January.

Two years later here I am, still fighting everyday. I get the rude looks when I mention anything about my disease, the gawking staring when I’m using a walker, and now I’m tired of it. So I’m taking a stand, I want people to know what Multiple Sclerosis is, what is effects, what happens to us, what we feel, how many people suffer, and just how little respect and acknowledgment we get.

I’m the voice for all of these who don’t know how to express the pain or verbalize their thoughts. I’m becoming the face of MS and I’m not going to stop until we get equality and what we deserve, even if it’s one day at a time.











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